Monday, 7 June 2010

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vintage with an Attitude

Being one of the greatest masters of photography at our time, Irving Penn, is a piece of vintage you cannot miss...

Look at the poise and class and elegance of every single man and woman he'd photographed, you'd be amazed how in style they still are from the pictures taken half a decade ago.

From what I see from the photos, vintage is manifested through the clothes they're wearing, the poise they're adopting, the feelings in their eyes and the attitude they're imposing.

Vintage is timeless because it is a core value and an attitude.

These people who were photographed by Penn are timeless not only because they'll always be loved, but because they're firm believers of art, or music, or movie, or culture. That attitude made them the successful bunch and survived through time...

Irving Penn, on the other side of the camera, beautifully captured that attitude and managed to put them in the time capsule.

If this is what called vintage, I'll wear it everyday.

Irving Penn Portraits are now exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London until 6 June this Sunday.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Vintage For Me

I'm a typical Hong Kong gal, typical in a sense that I only want stuff that are in shape and with reasonable price, so vintage doesn't exactly sound like the thing for me...

My first vintage item (a pair of baggy LEE jeans) was purchased when I was about 14 proved my definition completely right because it stinks like hell, the only reason I got it was because I couldn't afford a new pair and the one I got is only 100HKD ( less than £9!)

Until now I'm still not much of a vintage fan coz I've heard too many stories about the old leather jacket with a mysterious picture in the side pocket or the diamond ring taken from the dead old lady's finger etc...

But somehow somewhere... I found myself buying vintage again... I started to appreciate more of the tailoring and the style in vintage stuff when I forgot all about the scary stories... sometimes you just can't find the same piece of jewelry or the same dress anymore because that ring's designer no longer makes jewelry or that dress has a history that cannot be replaced...

Besides, fashion without the vintage part is like the present era without history... so here I am with my new vintage cardigan from Nottinghill and me playing around with my birthday balloons! x

Men's canvas bags @ Asos

Available at Asos for £28

It's in the men's section but we think any girl could wear it just as well as the next man - No sexism allowed around here!

Okay so it's not real vintage it's imitation but it's still pretty hot. We love it, we want it.

Plus it's really cheap...well quite cheap :-l

Monday, 31 May 2010

Hepburn in Sabrina

Audrey Hepburn, one of the undoubted fashion icons of the 20th century. Timelessly elegant and truly beautiful with an everlasting chic look her impression on the fashion world is still clearly felt today. Although there is one specific dress which totally identifies the early Hepburn look, THAT dress in Sabrina.

The dress completely demonstrates that iconic 50’s nipped waist and full skirted silhouette whilst its delicate detailing shows off the design skills of Givenchy as a couturier. Helping to also seal the idea of the 50’s as the “golden age of couture”.

A piece that can’t help but make you wonder, why oh why can we not dress up properly anymore?

Image from Audreystyle P C Keogh

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sex and the City goes Classic Vintage for London

It's not only the Loved not Vintage team that simply adores Vintage dressings. Guess what 'SO DO THE SATC GIRLS) Okay so I have to admit that their vintage clobber is much more expensive than ours...and much more pretty, but we can all try! Kim Cattrall who plays sexy Samantha  seen rocking the red carpet of the the London Premier of Sex and the City 2. We think she pulled off the voluptuous Hollywood star look remarkably well as she team her vintage 90's Thierry Muglar corseted wrap gown with a Fred Leighton brooch, her contrasting blonde curls added to her sophisticated Old Hollywood look.

Kim wasn't the only SATC girl to go vintage, Kirstin Davis (Charlotte) opted for a Norman Norell 60's halter dress. Shimmering gold, with a touch of crystal, she looked more than a star. With natural make and long casading flowing curls, she looked divine.

Well done girls!!!

            Take a look at some our favourite original Hollywood beauties

Jane Russell, with those pins, a full bust and lovely thick locks why the hell would Gentlemen prefer Blondes?

No one had a voice as beautiful as our Miss Judy Garland. No one could possible replace her in singing Over the Rainbow, not even Leona Lewis!!!

Elizabeth Taylor needs no introduction. I've heard Michael Jackson once had a thing for her..whether it's true or not...we'll never know!
No list would be complete without a mention of an all time legendary icon.  Marilyn Monroe. She only wears Chanel no5 to about you?


Images taken from Zimbio Hub Pages Dead lantern stardust melody collider Gone Global Sunday Morning Herald

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Which Witch?

One great thing about living in Paris is that you get to meet some wacky people. One of my closest friends is called Chloé. I say she’s from what is known as ‘Les incompetents’…(Okay so I’m a Home and alone die hard fan – SUE ME). She’s crazy, doesn’t give a cows crap and never afraid to play with trends.

Her leggings remind me of our better Twiggy days were life in colour was the life to endeavor.

(Taken from NIBS)

Something which is most definitely rare to see in Paris! Walking down the road, you’d be extremely lucky to see oranges, reds or greens. But she is definitely a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t believe in buying anything new (unless on sale) – Most definitely the way to go forward and you can always catch her rummaging through piles of clothes at the nearest vintage store. Her waistcoat reminds me of the 60’s where all things hippie and denim was on page one of the fashion bible.

Her shoes well we all remember that wicked witch of the west…or was it the east…I forget. East or West I love them. Stylish, flat and comfortable – can we ask for more?

(taken from Sports chump)
Her stereotypically French beret we found on a tiny market stall for €3 and with the brooch thrown in you can never go wrong. And that’s why I love her style –the key word being HER. She didn’t take ten years umm-ing and ahhh-ing on whether she should buy the hat and then wear it the same day – She threw it on without a care in the world knowing that her style was the right style!

Another great thing about roaming the streets of Paris is that around every vintage corner you’re bound to see members of the ‘bourgeois’ community. Boy oh boy did these guys look beautiful! Shame I didn’t catch their names :-(

I’m sure you’ll be seeing many photos of me’ French BFF, she’s a mélange of different eras.